To Stop Culls
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Resources to Effectively Argue Against  
Bow Hunting and
 Other Lethal Methods
to Resolve Human-Deer Conflicts
Produced by Peter Muller of the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting


To Stop Culls
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Claims for Bow Hunting Response Documentation
The deer populations of the area exceeds the social carrying capacity (the deer density that the local human population  is willing to tolerate).

Bow-hunting will  exacerbate an overpopulation problem. We cannot assume that the majority of local residents do not tolerate the current deer density based on the claims of the bow-hunters.

Human Hunting Destroys Our  Environment
Surplus Population: A Fallacious Basis For Sport Hunting
Overpopulation of deer destroys the vegetation of the area including understory critically important to the ecol-system. Deer density is not the sole factor in the diminishing of the understory. There are other known causes, such as canopies of  mature trees inhibiting sun from penetrating to the understory. The diminishing understory is not an aberrant phenomenon; it is a natural occurrence. It is part of normal ecological succession.

Eastern Hemlock  Regeneration and Deer Browsing ...

Deer car collisions occur more frequently due to deer overpopulation. Bow hunting  exacerbates deer-car collisions. Deer Car Collisions
Report from Erie Insurance
The increase in Lyme disease has been associated with the density of deer. The density of of the black-legged tick  depends  primarily on the density of rodents, not deer. New View on Lyme Disease
Climate, Deer, Rodents, and Acorns as Determinants of Variation in Lyme-Disease Risk
Effects of Reduced Deer Density on the Abundance of Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae) and Lyme Disease Incidence in a Northern New Jersey Endemic Area
Deer Browsing and the Distribution of Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae) in Central New Jersey Forests
Non-lethal methods are ineffective, expensive, and illegal. Immunocontraception is relatively inexpensive and has worked successfully in parks and urban/suburban settings. YouTube Clip by Jay Kirkpatrick
Immunocontraception for Deer Works
Culling a percentage of deer every year will maintain a tolerable deer population in the area; using bow-hunting (as opposed to firearm hunting) poses minimal danger to the residents of the area since the distances which the projectile travels are much smaller than for firearms. Bow hunting is ineffective and cruel; the crippling rate exceeds 50%. Report on Bow hunting