Resources to Effectively Argue Against  
Bow Hunting and
 Other Lethal Methods
to Resolve Human-Deer Conflicts
Produced by Peter Muller of the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting

Media Script
The two basic ways activists communicate with media are through press-releases and press conferences.

Keep your focus on your objectives:

1) Get a substantial amount of positive coverage.

2) Persuade the general public of your position through the media.



1)      Notify all local media.

2)      Introduce yourself  and the organization you represent, if any.

3)      Have press packets ready with source material and your contact information

4)   Know your material cold -- so you can answer all questions on the spot.

5)   Learn to speak in sound-bytes -- no answer should take more than ten seconds.


1)      Donít tick off the media -- they can make you or break you.

2)      Don't ridicule or denigrate agencies or individuals representing the opposing view.

3)     Donít get into any detailed discussion  with the media -- limit all answers to 10 seconds.

4)    Don't misrepresent or exaggerate anything -- You will damage your personal credibility as well as that of other animal advocates.

Script 1:
Writing and Sending a Press Release

A press release serves the purpose of announcing an upcoming event of interest to the public. Typical reasons for issuing a press release would be demonstrations, boycotts, parades, civil disobedience, banner-drops etc.

On the very first line a press release should answer the questions: What When and Where.

On the next line it should give one or  more press contacts:

one contact at the event, the other contact at the home-base.

Script 2:
Holding a Press Conference

A press conference is the an announcement to the media about the views of your organization  approving or disapproving of a government policy or contemplated policy.