Resources to Effectively Argue Against  Bow Hunting and
 Other Lethal Methods
to Resolve Human-Deer Conflicts
Produced by Peter Muller of the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting

email Script

An e-mail is a very concise letter. It conveys a sense of urgency which a letter doesn't. The points should be made economically without much elaboration.

Keep your focus on your objective:

Call the decision-maker's attention to the fact that there is an urgent need to reconsider a proposal before action is taken


1)      Find out the name and title of the decision-maker (most often on the Internet) before you call.

2)      Address the decision-maker by name and title.

3)      Introduce yourself  and the organization you represent, if any.

4)      Know both sides of the issue .

5)      Know what positions the decision maker has publicly or privately taken on the issue

6)   Convey to the decision-maker that the proposal under consideration is flawed and has to be reconsidered before action is taken.


1)      Let the facts speak for your position.

2)      Don't ridicule or denigrate agencies or individuals representing the opposing view.

3)     Donít get into any detailed discussion by email.

4)   Urgently request a venue for a presentation.

4)    Don't misrepresent or exaggerate anything -- You will damage your personal credibility as well as that of other animal advocates.

Sample email