Resources to Effectively Argue Against  
Bow Hunting and
 Other Lethal Methods
to Resolve Human-Deer Conflicts
Produced by Peter Muller of the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting


This website presents documentation to nullify the claims of pro-hunting proposals.

Proposals for bow-hunting to control deer populations in parks and urban/suburban settings are being increasingly presented to local decision makers, such as county legislatures, town boards, private and public park commissions and boards.

Those proposals often originate with local bow-hunting clubs which are aided and abetted by the game agencies of the state. Game agencies depend  on the sale of hunting licenses and taxes on firearms and bows and arrows.

As many municipalities have ordinances against the discharge of firearms, but not against discharging arrows, the proponents of bow hunting do not have to jump the additional hurdle to institute hunting in densely populated areas.  An objective and scientific study shows that bow-hunting is neither a necessary nor an effective means to limit the population of deer in a park or an urban/suburban area. 

Below are some places where bow hunting is being contemplated. Click on the location name for more detail and  contact information of the decision makers.




Decision Makers
Solon, OH
Solon City Council
Rockland County, NY
Rockland County Legislature
Westchester County, NY
Westchester County Legislature
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
Vassar Farm & Ecological Preserve Field Station Manager
Cayuga Heights, NY